High Performance Sealant Tapes

High-Performance Sealant Tapes

Leading sealant supplier to the roofing and cladding industry continues to redefine the butyl strip sealant category, with high-performance Polyisobutylene.

UK based manufacturer, Sealprem Ltd (Sealprem) are leading the way with their Polyisobutylene (PIB) only range of high-performance strip sealants for the roofing and cladding sectors.

The Sealprem range of PIB Strip Sealants are specifically formulated to create an unbeatable sealant solution in situations such as side and end lap joints, with bead designs that are specifically designed for large corrugated end lap sheet profiles.

‘PIB is a saturated polymer – this means it’s none reactive’, says, Wayne Beighton, Business Development Manager at Sealprem. ‘Butyl rubber contains reactive sites; these sites are effectively potential points of weakness. Our PIB sealant tapes are produced from a fully refined Naptha stream, which allows far greater molecular weight, strength and environmental resistance than inferior isobutylene-based polymers’.

The company, who have over 40 years’ experience in high-performance sealant systems, have seen a gradual degradation in the overall quality of strip sealants, right across the industry. Sealprem, who are a significant partner to Kingspan – and other UK based manufacturers – have worked closely with their research and development teams, along with their own supply chain, to create a range of superior products that have been designed specifically for high-performance sealing in roofing and cladding applications.

‘Many imported tapes are heavily modified with low-grade polymers for cost reasons. Excessive addition of such polymers is common and in some cases, these materials act as the primary polymer. This type of modification can impair performance significantly, it can also impact the life span of the sealant, both in terms of its resistance to flexing and its ability to seal’, adds Mr Beighton.

The company states they only use PIB polymer in their strip sealant tapes; they are not modified with different polymer types, which enables them to guarantee their product with the utmost confidence.

Sealprem Polyisobutylene (PIB) range of high-performance strip sealants are available direct from Sealprem.