The Efficiency of Arboshield Pro Self-Adhesive Class A EPAM Perimeter Seal

In a sector where innovation is essential, ARBOShield Pro emerges as a significant game-changer, introducing a new era of enhanced efficiency and innovation in façade installations. The Arboshield Pro Self-Adhesive Class A EPAM Perimeter Seal doesn’t just meet industry standards for Class A fire ratings; it raises them, promising quicker, cleaner, and more efficient on-site work. This blend of advanced technologies is precisely engineered to simplify the installation process, carving a path towards operational brilliance.

The essence of Arboshield Pro Self-Adhesive Class A EPAM Perimeter Seal lies in its powerful self-adhesive system, marking the end of complicated and labour-intensive façade installations. It replaces the usual mess, waste and longer installation times, with a more efficient and smoother technique.

This advanced product provides the façade system with water-repellent sealing properties, along with a Class A fire rating, ensuring an installation process that is as effective as it is straightforward. This approach fosters a work environment where precision and speed work together exceptionally well.

So, how does this innovative self-adhesive seal affect on-site workflow? Primarily, it speeds up the installation process. Faster installations lead to significant time and cost savings, allowing projects to progress smoothly and efficiently. This enables professionals to focus on maximising productivity and improving project outcomes.

The self-adhesive quality of the Arboshield Pro Self-Adhesive Class A EPAM Perimeter Seal epitomises cleanliness, which is essential for maintaining an excellent working environment. It minimises mess and waste, creating a workspace that reflects the product’s high standards. 

A key advantage of the self-adhesive system is its incredible flexibility. ARBOShield Pro is versatile and compatible with various projects, from new builds to refurbishments in the commercial, industrial, residential, and retail sectors. It smoothly integrates into various construction environments, including modular and off-site construction, widening its utility and influence.

In the evolving construction landscape, adopting advancements that enhance efficiency is essential. ARBOShield Pro represents this necessary evolution with its groundbreaking self-adhesive system, embodying a product that aligns with the spirit of modern innovation and substantially enhances installation processes.

This is a new era of installation methodology that incorporates remarkable levels of safety, efficiency, cleanliness, and adaptability. We are proud to be able to offer this both as a standalone product and as part of a complete Class A fire-rated system.

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