The Role of Class A Fire-Rated Facades in Construction

In the construction sector, balancing fire safety with aesthetic and functional requirements has consistently posed a challenge. Yet, a significant transformation is on the horizon due to our latest development. We are thrilled to announce a fresh distribution collaboration, bringing the ARBOShield Pro Fire-Resistant Façade System into the marketplace. Developed by ARBO®, this pioneering system sets a new standard in façade systems, merging outstanding innovation with enhanced performance.

The ARBOShield Pro Advantage

The ARBOShield Pro system, with its ground-breaking technology, marks a significant transformation in sealing and fire safety performance in the façade sector. The system features an industry-first: a self-adhesive, Class A fire-rated, and W1 waterproofing perimeter seal. This not only ensures ease of installation but also offers outstanding functional capabilities. Sealprem is now equipped to deliver a full Class A façade solution that adheres to the stringent fire safety criteria set by the BS EN 13501-1 standard, offering consistent performance while saving time.

Regulatory Compliance

Building codes are becoming increasingly stringent, particularly with regard to fire safety. A Class A fire-rated façade membrane ensures compliance with these rigorous standards. This not only avoids potential legal and financial issues but also assures occupants that the building adheres to the highest safety protocols. 

Longevity and Durability

Durability is another significant advantage. These membranes are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, UV radiation, moisture, and wind. This resilience translates to a reduced need for repairs and replacements over the building’s lifespan.

Simplified Installation and Maintenance

The self-adhesive property of the EPAM reduces installation time and facilitates a quicker construction process. Our signature technical expertise at Sealprem is on hand to support the installation process of the ARBOShield Pro system. 

We are proud to champion the latest technological advancements with ARBOShield Pro – a product that not only offers big improvements but is also the result of great ideas executed excellently. 

For architects and builders seeking unparalleled fire safety assurance and performance, ARBOShield Pro is the forward-thinking solution that promises to meet the challenges of modern construction.

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