Metal Roofing & Cladding

Our products are used for filling gaps to seal metal roofing and cladding. Ideal for customers who are seeking high performance sealing solutions in the metal roofing & cladding manufacturing sectors.

Sealprem Profiled Foam Fillers

Profiled Foam Fillers

Made to measure for roofing. Products include: Polyethylene, High Density Polyethylene, Fire Retardant Polyethylene.



Foam compression sealant. Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. For gap filling or irregular surfaces.

Sealprem DWR10

Pressure sensitive butyl sealant. Highly conformable to most substrates. Independently tested and approved.

Sealprem SWRP10

Sealprem SWRP10

PIB strip sealant. Low moisture vapour transmission rate. Adhesion to coated steel and aluminium sheets without primers.

Premfire B1

Construction foam with fire resistance. Good temperature and sound insulator. Adheres to most building substrates.


Sealprem BR

Bedding sealant. A high-quality blend of rubber, fillers and polymers in gun-grade form. Low joint movement sealing in roofing & cladding.

Sealprem DGR30

PIB based sealing tape. Highly conformable to most substrates. Easy release liner which aids application.


Low Modulus

Silicone sealant for internal and external use. Suitable for sealing a wide range of construction and expansion joints in buildings.



Double coated clear polyester tape. Excellent low and elevated temperature performance. Superior moisture resistance in high humidity.

Sealprem’s range of silicones, butyl strips, sealing tapes and profiled foam fillers are the number one choice for sealing metal sheets for roofing and cladding manufacturers.


Sealprem products are specified by leading metal roofing and cladding panel manufacturer Kingspan. They have been highly recommended by TATA, CA Group and Euroclad.

Why Choose Us For Your Metal Roofing & Cladding Sealing Products

Sealprem services include fast delivery on sealants and foam products


Approved by Kingspan, Euroclad, CA Group, and TATA. Our products are validated by leading system manufacturers to enable their system Warranty. Providing peace of mind.

Sealprem produce high quality sealants and foam fillers

UK Manufacturing

Superior Manufacturing Technology/Capabilities. Including unique water jet cutting for precision cut profiled foam fillers. Manufactured in the UK.

Sealprem recognise the requirements for the modern construction industry

Industry Experts

Industry-leading knowledge. We work with Kingspan and other manufacturers to provide expert advice on premier sealing product applications.

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