Navigating the Future of Fire Safety Regulations with ARBOShield Pro

In the ever-changing world of building construction and architecture, fire safety regulations are essential, requiring ongoing attention and innovation. As safety codes tighten and the penalties for non-compliance increase, the industry must keep up with current standards and anticipate future changes. This is where ARBOShield Pro comes in—a product that meets today’s fire safety demands and offers a solution for tomorrow’s evolving standards.

The Current State of Fire Safety Regulations

In light of events like the Grenfell Tower fire, current building regulations are closely examined. The outcome has been a call for products with higher safety ratings and stronger fire protection. Consequently, standards have risen, favouring materials that better resist and contain fires to safeguard lives and property. ARBOShield Pro leads the way, providing a top-level Class A fire rating.

The Class A Distinction of ARBOShield Pro

Class A-rated materials are incombustible, offering the highest fire resistance required by regulations. This rating is becoming the go-to for those seeking to comply with existing regulations and to future-proof buildings against updates to building codes. ARBOShield Pro’s External Perimeter Class A Membrane (EPAM) is unique in the UK market, boasting a Class A2-s1,d0 rating, putting it at the leading edge of fire-resistant technology.

Future-Proofing with High Standards

With building codes in flux, opting for the highest fire resistance is less optional and more obligatory. ARBOShield Pro is ahead of the curve, ready to meet even more stringent future standards. Its proactive compliance is a commitment to safety and a sustainable, long-term investment.

Beyond Fire Safety: Additional Benefits of ARBOShield Pro

ARBOShield Pro also offers water resistance and waterproofing (W1 rating), enhancing building durability. Its self-adhesive nature simplifies installation, saving time and labour costs—key for projects with tight schedules and budgets.

Ease of Installation: The Competitive Edge

ARBOShield Pro simplifies installation compared to traditional fire-resistant materials, which often involve complex methods. This ease of installation is vital for new builds and renovations where tight deadlines are sometimes a prerequisite for the job. 

Versatility Across Sectors

ARBOShield Pro is versatile, suitable for commercial, industrial, residential, and retail buildings, and compatible with various facade systems. Its adaptability ensures it remains compliant, regardless of regulatory changes across sectors.

A Testament to Confidence and Reliability

The market’s trust in ARBOShield Pro is evident from trial installations and initial orders, such as for healthcare facilities. These are not just sales but a sign of industry-wide confidence in ARBOShield Pro as a reliable fire safety solution.

A Beacon for Future Compliance

ARBOShield Pro is more than a response to current standards; it’s a proactive measure for future compliance, offering reassurance in a world where fire safety regulations will only get stricter. It sets the standard for the next generation of construction materials with its fire-resistant quality, installation efficiency, adaptability, and sustainable design.

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