PIB Strip Sealants

What are PIB Strip Sealants?

Butyl Strip Sealants are strong, adhesive tape-style sealants. While most butyl strip sealants are made with additives to reduce costs, Sealprem use 100% PIB for superior elasticity. Our PIB strip sealants are approved by Kingspan, TATA, CA Group, and Euroclad.

We supply a wide range of Butyl Strip Sealants suitable for a whole host of applications.

Choose from:

  • Double-sided or single-sided – seal against water, air, and dust.
  • Pressure-sensitive – for sealing door & window frames and membranes.
  • Rectangular or bead form – perfect for end and side lap seals.


Where can I use Butyl Strip Sealants?

Butyl Strip Sealants are highly versatile and can be used for a variety of applications, such as;

-Sealing against water, air and dust
-Sealing door and window frames and membranes
-Repairing and over-sealing guttering
-Vapour sealing on cold store panels
-End and side lap seals

All of our butyl strip sealants feature a liner strip, making it quick and easy to apply it right first time!

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