ARBOShield Pro Distribution Announcement

Sealprem is excited to announce a brand new distribution partnership for the ARBOShield Pro Fire-Resistant Façade System, a monumental leap forward in façade systems. Created by ARBO®, a leading brand under Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM), it signifies a new standard in this category, blending innovation with exceptional performance.

ARBOShield Pro, expertly designed and rigorously tested, brings a refreshing transformation to sealing and fire safety performance in the facade sector. The system boasts an industry-first, self-adhesive, Class A fire-rated, and W1 waterproofing perimeter seal, combining unparalleled installation ease with superb functional capacities. With this one-of-a-kind system, Sealprem can provide a full Class A facade solution that meets the fire safety requirements set by the BS EN 13501-1 standard. This guarantees consistent performance and saves time and money.

One of the key products in the range is the ARBOShield Pro External Perimeter Class A Membrane (EPAM), a totally unique product in the UK’s construction scene. It integrates a trailblazing self-adhesive aspect with a formidable Class A-rated, non-combustible, and W1-rated window and façade seal, culminating in a totally unique product on the market. The ARBOShield Pro EPAM boasts unparalleled performance, simplifying and consistently sealing critical points and enhancing architectural resilience with improved safety features.

David Black of ARBO® says, “The company’s substantial investment in ARBOShield Pro, underscores our commitment to equipping architects with varied options and providing contractors with simplified, efficient installation processes.

The versatility of ARBOShield Pro shines, making it an excellent option across various applications, from new builds to refurbishments in commercial, industrial, residential, and retail sectors.”

This cutting-edge product combines Sealprem’s signature technical expertise and exceptional customer service with powerful performance. As a trusted industry leader, Sealprem is proud to deliver the latest technology that makes meaningful advancements. ARBOShield Pro ushers in big improvements with great ideas and excellent execution. For unmatched fire safety assurance, look no further than ARBOShield Pro from Sealprem.

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