What Makes us Different?

Sealprem’s range of sealants and fillers are the number one choice for sealing metal sheets for roofing and cladding manufacturers; but what makes us stand out?

Our Metal Roofing & Cladding Range is specified by Kingspan and comes highly recommended by other major roofing and cladding manufacturers such as TATA, Euroclad, and CA Group.

Every Sealprem product is backed up by 25 years of experience in the metal roofing & cladding industry – but did you know we also work closely with major roofing and cladding manufacturer Kingspan to develop new products specifically for roofing and cladding applications?

Here at Sealprem, we’re at the forefront of technological advancement in the sealant and filler manufacturing industry. The most recent example of this is our new water jet cutting machine, the only one of its kind in the UK used for cutting angle-cut fillers. Innovations like this allow us to keep improving our processes and our products so we’re always providing the best products at the best price.

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