Our Exciting Rebrand – Celebrating Sealing Excellence

Some exciting news! Our company, Premier Sealant Systems Ltd, previously operating under the brand name Premseal, has now rebranded to become Sealprem!

What Does This Rebrand Mean?

While our brand name is new, our commitment to providing you with the best sealing solutions remains unchanged. We know you’ve come to rely on our quality, service, and expertise as Premseal – and as Sealprem, that will only get better. 

We chose the name Sealprem to create a clearer brand identity focused on our core capability and purpose – sealing. The Premseal name, although tied to our origins, no longer encapsulated our leadership position and sealing specialisation today.

Sealprem puts our skills and strengths front and centre. It’s a brand name that accurately reflects our team’s experience, our leading range of products, and our role as an innovator. We are sealing specialists, and this fresh branding makes that clear. 

Celebrating Our Growth

This rebrand comes at an exciting point in our journey, after nearly 30 fantastic years in business. From humble beginnings back in 1994 as Premier Sealant Systems Ltd, we’ve grown tremendously into the UK’s premier sealing solutions provider today. 

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together with our loyal customers and partners. Sealprem represents the next chapter, building on our heritage while gearing up for future success.

The updated brand name better conveys our capabilities, expertise, and drive to keep developing cutting-edge sealing technologies. We know our customers count on us to continuously innovate, and Sealprem sets the stage for delivering on that promise.

The Story Behind Our Name

Our new brand name still retains the connection to our past with “Prem”, a nod to our early days when we were known only as Premier Sealant Systems, teamed up with “Seal”, forming the perfect combination encapsulating our sealing knowledge and quality.

Sealprem signals our readiness to continue excelling, while respecting our foundations. It unites our history and future ambitions as sealing specialists.

The Meaning Behind Our New Tagline

With the rebrand, we’re also unveiling a new tagline: “Excellence in Every Seal”. This succinctly captures our unrelenting commitment to quality, trust, and customer satisfaction.

You can rely on Sealprem to maintain our seal of excellence across every product we offer. We live up to that promise by:

  • Rigorously developing, testing and improving our sealing solutions
  • Collaborating closely with major manufacturers and contractors to enhance real-world performance
  • Investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing to deliver consistent quality
  • Providing unmatched customer service and technical support

What This Means for Our Customers

This rebrand changes nothing about the solutions and service our customers have come to expect from us. There will be minimal changes to our logo, branding, and assets – and our team remains laser-focused on providing solutions for the most demanding of applications. 

We’ll continue to supply the high-quality seals critical for major projects, supported by our decades of application expertise. All of our customers can count on receiving the same helpful guidance, responsiveness, and care from our team every step of the way.

Beyond our name, everything about us remains the same. Our people, our solutions, and our passion for sealing – all that matters to you – stay the same. 

Ready for the Sealprem Era

We’re thrilled to introduce Sealprem to the world – a name that champions our strengths, experience, and commitment to be the leading sealing specialist.

This is just the starting point. We have ambitious plans to continue growing as the foremost sealing authority that customers turn to, not just in the UK but in major developing markets around the world.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We value your partnership and look forward to achieving more together as Sealprem. Get ready – the future of sealing solutions is here!