Explaining Cartridge Sealants

Cartridge Sealants are simply thick liquid sealants, usually made of either silicone or acrylic, that are packaged in a cartridge for ease of use and storage.

For this reason, Cartridge Sealants are a wide category and can include:

Cartridge sealants for buildings

Low modulus, UV and weather-resistant; these sealants are ideal for sealing building joints and glazing systems. They are usually silicone-based and are ideal for perimeter sealing.

Cartridge sealants for window frames

Mainly used for sealing window frames against moisture; these sealants are UV-proof and weatherproof. Acrylic Frame Sealants can be used for filling gaps in ceilings and windows.

Fireproof cartridge sealants

Fire and heat-resistant sealants can be used to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke, making them essential for safety.

Sealants for roofing

UV-proof, weatherproof and mould-resistant; these sealants are designed for use on roofing, for example for repairing guttering or roof sheets.

Sealant adhesives for construction

Ideal for sealing and adhering at once, Sealant Adhesives adhere to most substrates, making them suitable for both interior and exterior jobs.

Multi-purpose cartridge sealants

A good all-rounder; Multi-Purpose Sealants are usually anti-fungal and UV-resistant, and work well on most materials with their fairly high elasticity.

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