DWR10, A Category-Redefining, High-Performance Sealant

After changing the butyl strip sealant category with our range of (PIB) high-performance strip sealants we pushed the boundaries further by offering a 40-year warranty on our DWR10 sealant tape!

DWR10 sealant tape was independently tested and approved to NFRC class A, Technical Bulletin 36.

Due to the high-quality PIB used in Sealprem’s DWR10 sealant tapes, the tapes have vastly superior adhesion compared to other providers and combined with its excellent chemical and UV resistance and greater molecular weight and strength, this means the tapes can be guaranteed for almost twice as long as the next best tape on the market.

“After seeing the quality of strip sealants degrade over recent years, we’re glad we can offer a product that brings quality back to the category,” says Wayne Beighton, Business Development Manager at Sealprem. “This 40-year warranty is great news for our customers because it is a guarantee that can be passed on to their customers.”

Sealprem’s PIB sealant tapes are specifically designed to create an unbeatable sealant solution in situations such as side and end lap joints. Made exclusively with PIB polymer from a fully refined Naptha stream, means that we can guarantee DWR10 with the utmost confidence.

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