4 Reasons Sealprem Low Modulus Should be Your Go-To Coldstore Sealant

Sealprem Low Modulus is a neutral curing construction alcoxy silicone sealant used for both internal and external applications. With excellent un-primed adhesion to most building components, Low Modulus is suitable for sealing a wide range of construction and expansion joints. 

But why should Sealprem Low Modulus be your go-to sealant for Coldstore applications?

Sealprem Low Modulus controls both the internal chill and external ambient temperature by stopping cold air from moving through the joints. This means that this sealant can be used in various areas of the coldstore build. This includes wall panels, bases and ceilings the purchase of Low Modulus eliminates the need for various sealants.

Browse our Coldstore Application Drawings to see where the product can be used in different areas of the cold storage build.

Oxime, (neutral cure silicone) is non-corrosive and has excellent oil and temperature resistant properties.

Neutral cure silicone categories typically include basic, alcohol and oxime cure mechanisms. While these silicones produce a condensation byproduct, it is not as corrosive as acid-cure formulations, therefore, improving the expected life of the sealant.

If you’re looking for good adhesion to plastics or most other substrates, oxime sealants, like Low Modulus are the best option for Coldstore applications.

Import delays and inconsistent sourcing of raw materials can cause multiple issues with Coldstore construction and installation. Delays in obtaining low-quality materials can increase production time by delaying the completion of projects (time-overrun) which results in late delivery to the customer. The lower-quality materials also increase the chances of re-work (cost-overrun). 

Sealprem Low Modulus is manufactured in the UK for ease of supply and consistent quality of raw materials that you can trust. Our reputation for quality at Sealprem precedes us; we pride ourselves on maintaining our ISO 9001 accreditation year on year.

At Sealprem, we work flexibly and collaboratively and have committed ourselves to supplying quality materials, providing industry recognised experience and knowledge. Our approach has led to successful working relationships with the UK’s largest Coldstore material manufacturer. Sealprem is not only recommended but specified by leading insulation panel manufacturer Kingspan.

Sealprem’s Coldstore Range of silicones, butyl strips and expanding foams are the number one choice for Coldstore manufacturers.

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