Profiled Foam Fillers Explained

Profiled foam fillers are foam sheets specifically cut to fill the gaps at the profile edges of roof sheets or cladding. Our Premier profiled foam fillers are designed to seal roofing and cladding profiles against dust, nesting animals, water and water vapour ingress.

There are several features that foam fillers can have, which work best for different purposes:

  • Ventilated – Ideal for keeping condensation out, ventilated foam fillers often feature mesh inserts for added protection.
  • Symmetrical, or Double Profile – fillers that are cut to certain profiles on both sides, usually where these profiles do not fit together. These are ideal for fitting between two profiled sheets, for example, overlapping roof sheets.
  • Large Flute – large flute profile foam fillers, or ridge fillers, have a smaller gap between the protruding parts.
  • Small Flute – conversely, small flute profile foam fillers are used for filling in eaves, and typically have a larger gap between protruding sections.
  • Bi-colour – foam filler that is black on one side and white on the other, for example, our polyethylene foam filler.

Many fillers will also need to be angle cut in order to perfectly fit the space they are filling, for example fillers being used for valleys or hips. All of our profiled foam fillers can be cut to specification, which enables the filler to fit the space correctly.

Each type of foam filler has different uses and benefits depending on your needs. You can browse our full range of profiled foam fillers on our product pages, which feature further information about each product.