Sealprem QR Expanding Foam

Sealprem QR Expanding Foam

Sealprem QR expanding foam is a portable two-component polyurethane spray foam kit that produces polyurethane foam of exceptional quality, quickly and easily. The kit is comprised of two pressurised tanks.


  • Excellent seal to reduce air exfiltration (energy savings)
  • Application to surfaces with irregular shapes & penetrations
  • Lightweight but strong structural support to a construction
  • Protects against condensation & improves flotation
  • Minimal operator training
  • No other power source required
  • Perfect adhesion to almost every surface
  • Ready to cut, sand & paint in 10 minutes
  • Temperature indicator assures maximum product performance
  • Withstands temperatures between -30°C up to 100°C

Typical Applications

  • Filling holes and gaps
  • Thermal insulation where there is some requirement for fire resistance

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