Sealprem A1 Fire Barrier

Sealprem A1 Fire Barrier

Sealprem A1 Fire Barrier is a high-performing heavy gauge fire retardant roofing material. The material consists of a closely woven glass substrate coated on one side with an exceptional halogen-free, low smoke, fire retarding compound.

Typical Applications

Applications include:

  • High performing fire barrier for thatch and general roofing protection

Product Features

  • Heavy gauge glass substrate provides the robustness required for roof applications
  • Coating provides a surface finish that reduces slippage
  • Exceptional fire performance levels
  • Does not give off toxic smoke or fumes at high temperature
  • Maintains integrity at 800°C
  • Reduces temperature by 200-300°C on non-fire side of barrier
  • Halogen free

Enquire About Product

    UnitTypical ValueTest Method
    Mass Unit Per Areag/m³230BS EN ISO 2286-2
    Thicknessmm0.195BS EN ISO 2286-3
    Tensile StrengthN/cm>200BS EN ISO 1421
    Elongation%>3BS EN ISO 1421
    Limiting Oxygen Index%>90BS2782 Part 1
    Temperature Index°C>800BS EN ISO 4589-3


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