Premfire B1

Premfire B1 Foam

Premfire B1

PremFire B1 FR Construction Foam is an air humidity curing prepolymerised mixture in an aerosol can.

See datasheet for important safety instructions.

Typical Applications

Applications include:

  • Installation of fire protection doors
  • Filling holes and gaps
  • Thermal insulation where high requirements for fire resistance are needed

Product Features

  • Good temperature and sound insulator
  • Strong adhesive properties
  • Adheres to most building substrates (except: Teflon, polyethylene and silicone surfaces)
  • Cured foam is sensitive to UV and direct sunlight
  • Cured foam can be painted

Application Conditions

  • Air temperature during application +5°C to +30°C – best results at +20°C
  • Can temperature during application +10°C to +25°C (Can has preferably to be stored for at least 12 hours in room temperature)
  • Surfaces must be free of dust, loose particles and oil before foam is applied
  • Soft foam can be removed with acetone, cured foam only mechanically

Safety Regulations

  • Can contains diphenylmethane 4,4–di-isocyanate
  • Dangerous when inhaled
  • Irritates eyes, skin and respiratory organs
  • Inhalation of gas may cause allergy
  • In case of eye contact rinse thoroughly with water and seek medical help
  • Do not smoke during work!
  • Ensure good ventilation and use protection means when necessary
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Aerosol can must not be stored at temperatures >+50°C or in direct sun

Storage Conditions

  • Can must be stored and transported in vertical position
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Store at temperatures +5°C to +30°C
  • Storage life 12 months
  • Aerosol can must not be stored at temperatures >+50°C or in direct sun

Enquire About Product

    Premfire B1
    Shelf Life12 months
    Tack free time12-16 minutes
    Cutting time (30mm bead)30-40 minutes
    Completely cured in joint (+23°C)max. 18 hours
    Completely cured in joint (+5°C)max. 24 hours
    Density25-30 kg/m³
    Fire class of cured foam*EI20 – EI 180
    Volume decreasemax. 2 %
    Expanding volume2 - 2.5 times
    Flash point of cured foam400°C
    Tensile Strength10 N/cm²
    Compression strength at 10%4 N/cm²
    Thermal conductivity0.03 W/m·K
    Temperature resistance of cured foamlong term: -50°C to +90°C
    short term: -65°C to +130°C

    * Fire resistance tested according to European standard EN 1366–4.
    The values specified were obtained at +23°C and 50% RH, unless otherwise indicated.


    Data Sheet PDFHealth & Safety Sheet