Metallised Tape

Metallised Tape

Metallised tape is an extremely high tack, high tear resistant, low emissivity and low moisture vapour permeability lap sealing tape for use in all air and vapour control layer and damp proof membrane applications.
The use of a high-specification acrylic dispersion adhesive gives the product superb adhesion, whilst the use of a high-performance metallised polyester, instead of the traditional low-strength combination of aluminium foil and paper, massively improves the overall strength and toughness of the tape.

Recommended for use with Vapour Control Layer.

Typical Applications

Metallised tape should be used in all air and vapour control layer and damp proof membrane applications as an edge and lap sealing tape in conjunction with the main double-sided butyl sealing tapes (see other datasheets for butyl tape information). For the best results for airtightness and prevention of interstitial condensation, Sealprem advises the use of both lap and butyl tapes on all AVCL and DPM installations.

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    Technical Data
    Material weight 0.5kg
    Length50 metres
    Width 60mm
    Thickness 0.05mm (50 microns)
    Peel adhesion ≥ 15 N/25 mm
    Shear adhesion 500g/625mm2
    Recommended installation temperature +10 C to +30 C