EPDM Membrane Adhesive

EPDM Membrane Adhesive

EPDM Membrane Adhesive is a one part moisture curing, solvent free adhesive based on modified polymer technology. EPDM Membrane Adhesive combines good initial grab to a variety of common construction substrates with high bond strength and good flexibility.

Recommended for use with EPDM Membrane.

Typical Applications

Recommended for bonding EPDM and other membranes including Butyl sheeting to aluminium (both Polyester Powder Coated and other finishes), galvanized finishes PVCu and mineral boards for suitable both factory and site applications.

Recommended for site applications but can also be used for factory work. For porous substrates, Primer 2650 is recommended.

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    Technical Data
    Skin Time at 20° C/65 % RH:15 minutes
    Application Temperature: + 5° C to + 40° C
    Service Temperature:- 40° C to + 120° C
    Typical Shore A Hardness: 55
    Chemical Resistance: Resistant to most dilute acids and alkalis. Organic solvents may cause the sealant to swell and lose adhesion
    UV Resistance:Very Good
    Service Life:20 years+
    Elongation at Break: 250% +
    Bond Strength: 1.7 N/mm sq.1.7 N/mm sq.
    Cure Rate at 20° C/65 % RH:2mm/24 hours.