FR Breather Membrane Lap Tape

FR Breather Membrane Lap Tape

FR Breather Membrane Lap Tape is a sealing and bonding tape suitable for sealing laps on Breather Membranes within both roof and wall applications. It should be used in conjunction with Double-Sided Adhesive Lap Tape for a fully sealed and airtight membrane installation.

Manufactured with high strength acrylic dispersion adhesive, and using non-woven polypropylene as the carrier, FR Breather Membrane Lap Tape is the perfect tape to use with installation of Breather Membranes. This will help to ensure an airtight seal of the external building envelope helping to keep heat in, while allowing moisture to leave the building.

This tape is required for use with some breather membranes in accordance with BS 5534 wind uplift requirements. Please see individual breather membrane technical datasheet for guidance and geographical data.

Recommended for use with FR Breather Membrane.


Product Features

  • *B-s1,d0 fire rated when fitted to A1 / A2 materials, D-s2,d0 when on wood
  • Excellent UV stability. TPU performs significantly better than other materials. Install as per BS 5534 UV guidance
  • CE compliant to EN 13859-1 (roofs) and EN 13859-2 (walls) Waterproofing membrane suitable for walls over 18 metres Single product for all roofs and walls
    Monolithic breathable / vapour
  • permeable membrane design
    High performance TPU / non-woven laminate construction Suitable for use on fully boarded roofs

Enquire About Product

    Roll Detail
    Roll Size50mm x 25m
    Release PaperBrown silicone paper
    CarrierPolypropylene non-woven
    AdhesiveAcrylic dispersion
    Shelf Life12 months, stored in original packing at 21°C and 50% relative humidity


    Data Sheet PDF Health & Safety Sheet