Fire Tape

Fire retardant rolled sealant PAB 4010 with a strong butyl adhesive layer and excellent waterproofing. For ease of installation it comes with a split liner, positioned 30mm from the edge. Fire Tape is a class B Rating as per the FR Membrane.

Recommended for use with High Modulus Modified Polymer Sealant.


Product Features

  • Available in 10 metre length rolls.
  • Width – 100m to 450m in 50mm increments.

Typical Applications

Specifically designed for building applications where high fire retardance performance is needed (e.g. tall buildings). Permanent waterproofing, repairing and vapour impermeable joints sealing in the construction field. Applicable on various materials such as glass, steel, concrete, stone, wood, and aluminium. The adhesive bonding grows stronger with time.

Enquire About Product

    AdhesiveFire retardant compound of an elastomeric modified butyl rubber (grey colour)
    BackingPET/ALU combination 55μm (23μm / 25μm) - black aluminium foil on top
    Release LinerOne-sided siliconized PP 70μm (black/white colour)
    Standard Thickness1mm
    Standard WidthsStandard Widths 100mm to 1000mm in 50mm increments
    Standard Lengths10m