Premier BG1 Compressed Sealant


Premier BG1 is a pre-compressed sealant, made of impregnated permanently elastic fine cell soft polyurethane foam. BG1 is manufactured to ISO 9001 and approved to DIN 18542 and DIN 4102.

Typical Applications

Applications include sealing of expansion and butt joints in:-

  • Underground constructions
  • Profiled sheeting
  • Window construction
  • Prefabricated sections
  • Exterior and interior buildings
  • Road joints

Product Features

  • Expands slowly and evenly
  • Bridges extreme joint tolerances
  • Paintable
  • Slit to order – many widths and thicknesses available
  • Compatible with all current building and sealant materials
  • Air and dust seal when compressed to 33% of expanded capability
  • Water & driving rain seal when compressed to 50% of expanded capability

Enquire About Product

    Premier BG1
    ImpregnationLonglasting fire retardant polyacrilic, free of plasticisers, heavy metals, chlorine, bitumen, formaldehyde CFC’s & VOC’s
    Building classificationDN 4102 B1
    Product class (DIN 18542)Group 1
    Water vapour diffusion
    (DIN 18542)
    Weather resistance
    (DN 18542)
    Driving rain seal
    (DIN 18542)
    To 600 Pa
    Service temperature-40°C - +100°C
    intermittent +130°C
    Thermal conductivity
    (DIN 18542)
    0.060 W/m. k
    Compatibility with other building materials
    (DIN 18542)
    up to 80°C
    ResistanceResistance to UV, ozone, ageing, bacteria, fungus, weak acids, cleaning agents, gentle solvents & alcohol.
    Expected lifeIn excess of 20 years, depending upon temperature & joint design.
    Shelf life2 years
    (at 20°C, dry & out of direct sunlight)
    PresentationSelf-adhesive rolls, precompressed to aprox. 20% of original thickness.


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