EPDM Membrane

EPDM Membrane

Following the introduction of document L, it has become a requirement to provide a robust seal to the internal interfaces between different façade components of a construction. The purpose of this seal is to reduce heat and air leakage from a building and to help prevent interstitial condensation.

Increasing standards demanded by building insurance companies on new constructions and impending legislation means that window seals must incorporate additional robust seals and use of an external sealant only will not be permitted as a defence against water ingress.

The EPDM Membrane is designed to offer a fully compatible solution to this detail that not only prevents water and air leakage but uses sealants and adhesives which are safe and solvent free. Drawing on the wealth of experience of laboratory testing we can provide a system that will not affect sensitive substrates such as natural stone. The EPDM Membrane does not affect solvent sensitive paint finishes and is compatible with other sealants which may come into contact with the EPDM system.

Recommended for use with EPDM Membrane Adhesive.


Product Features

  • Available in 0.75 mm thickness, in 20 metre length rolls.
  • Width – 10cm to 100cm in 5cm increments.

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    EPDM Membrane
    Tensile Strength (N/mm2)≥6
    Elongation≥ 350%
    Tear Resistance (N)≥ 35
    Water vapour permeability (EN1931)70,000
    Life Expectancy50 years
    Fire Resistance (EN 13501 -1)Class E
    Density1.23 kg/m2 per mm