Sealprem DWR10

Sealprem DWR10 Pressure Sensitive Butyl Sealant

Sealprem DWR10

DWR10 is a high-performance pressure-sensitive polyisobutylene (PIB) based sealing tape. This flexible tape seals anywhere that requires an additional seal eg. a flashing joint to seal where partition panels meet the roof panels. DWR10 tape helps to maintain the seal between ambient and chilled.

Ideal for Cold Rooms, Chill Rooms, Coldstores, Freezer and Refrigerated Rooms.

Produced in either rectangular form 1.5mm to 6mm thick, 6mm to 50mm wide or in bead form, 3mm to 10mm diameter. Please contact Sealprem for Industry recognised sizes. Other dimensions are available subject to minimum batch quantities.

Available in white.

Specified by Kingspan.

Roll Sizes

  • 2mm x15mm x 22.5m
  • 3mm x 9mm x 15m
  • 5mm x 6mm x 9.6m
  • 4mm Bead x 12m
  • 6mm Bead x 8m
  • 8mm Bead x 6m

Typical Applications

Applications include:

  • Side and end lap seal in metal
  • Bedding trims and roof vents
  • Air, dust and water seals in compression joints, seams and liner panels
  • Sealing membranes, wall panels, insulated panels
  • Vapour sealing on cold store panels

Product Features

  • Highly conformable to most substrates
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Independently tested and approved to NFRC class A, Technical Bulletin 36
  • Up to 40 year warranty
  • Good chemical and UV resistance
  • Easy release liner which aids application
  • Good movement accommodation (+/- 20%)

Enquire About Product

    Dynamic Tensile Adhesion 20 N/cm²
    Dynamic Shear Adhesion 22 N/cm²
    Force to compress0.30 K/cm²
    Density1.6 g/cm³
    Needle Penetration 50 0.1/mm @ 20 ºc
    Service temperature-40ºc to +90ºc
    Application temperature+5°C
    MVTR0.01 g/m²/24hr/mm


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