Butyl Tape MLL10

Sealprem Butyl Tape MLL10

Butyl Tape MLL10

MLL10 is a grey-coloured, high-performance polyisobutylene (PIB) strip sealant, laminated with either a fixed foil lead look backing (MLL10). This flexible sealing tape controls both internal chill and external ambient temperature by stopping cold air from moving through the joints. 

Ideal for Coldstores, Cold Rooms, Chill Rooms and Refrigerated Rooms.

Specified by Kingspan.

Roll Sizes

  • 0.6mm x slit to your required width x 15m

Typical Applications

Applications include:

  • Sealing membranes, wall panels, insulated panels
  • Air sealing on liner panels in twin skin construction (side lap only)
  • Vapour sealing on cold store panels
  • General sealing in coldstores, cold rooms, chill rooms and refrigerated rooms.

Product Features

  • Slit to order – many widths available
  • Flexible and conformable

Enquire About Product

    Butyl Tape MLL10
    WidthsFrom 40mm to 1000mm
    Roll length15m
    AdhesionGood adhesion to a wide range of substrates
    Peel strength4 N/cm²
    MovementGood creep resistance
    Service temperature-30°C to +80°C
    Application temperature+5°C
    UV resistanceExcellent
    Chemical resistanceGood to mild acids and alkalis
    Permeability to vapour
    (sealant component only)
    2.5 g/m²/24h
    Shelf life1 year