Self Adhesive Cellular Foams

What are Self-Adhesive Cellular Foams?

Self-Adhesive Cellular Foams are narrow foam tapes with either one or two adhesive sides.

At Sealprem, all of our Self-Adhesive Cellular Foams are made with acrylic as the main adhesive material, slit to your required width, and are packaged in a roll with a liner strip, making them easy to apply and store.

We supply a wide range of Self-Adhesive Cellular Foams suitable for a whole host of applications.

Choose from:

  • Open Cell – for a softer, more flexible result
  • Closed Cell – for stronger sealing against moisture and better insulation
  • Made to Order – any way you need Self-Adhesive Cellular foam, we provide a range of cut styles!

Product features:

  • Excellent adherence to most substrates
  • Wide variety of self-adhesive cellular foams available for a wide range of uses
  • Available in a range of cuts and colours for any job

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