Profiled Foam Fillers

What are Profiled Foam Fillers?

Profiled Foam Fillers are used to fill the gaps at the profile edges of roof sheets or cladding. Designed to seal roofing and cladding profiles against dust, air, nesting animals, and water ingress, our profiled foam fillers are approved by the UK’s leading cladding manufacturers: Kingspan, TATA, CA Group, and Euroclad. For best results, secure our fillers with Sealprem BR.

We supply a wide range of Profiled Foam Fillers suitable for a whole host of applications.

Choose from:

  • Ventilated – perfect for keeping moisture out! We offer ventilated profiled foam fillers with or without mesh inserts.
  • Angle Cut – Cut using our industry-leading waterjet machine for the perfect fit.
  • Large and Small Flute – whether you’re filling ridges or eaves, we have a range of solutions for you.


Where can I use Profiled Foam Fillers?

Profiled Foam Fillers are designed to seal gaps in profiled edges in roofing or cladding, such as:

-Eaves and ridges
-Hips and valleys

All of our profiled foam fillers are available in a range of materials, thicknesses and colours, and are made to measure.

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