Facade - Membranes

In today’s construction landscape, managing moisture and air infiltration within your building structures is vital for longevity and energy efficiency. This is where our innovative Breather Membranes and Vapour Control Layers come in, offering comprehensive protection against these potential issues.

Exceptional Breather Membranes

Our high-quality breather membranes are water-resistant, yet vapour-permeable materials designed for the exterior of buildings. Installed on the cold side of insulation in walls or roofs, our breather membranes enable water vapour passage from inside the building to the outside, simultaneously preventing the ingress of liquid water from the exterior.

Reliable Vapour Control Layers

Our vapour control layers are designed to take charge of water vapour diffusion within your building envelopes. Positioned on the warm side of the insulation, these layers effectively restrict the amount of water vapour passing through, preventing internal condensation within walls, roofs, or floors. They are critical for energy-efficient buildings where airtightness is a key requirement.

Upgrade your building protection today with our advanced breather membranes and vapour control products – an investment in long-lasting efficiency and peace of mind.

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