EPDM Membranes and Associated Products

Welcome to our innovative EPDM Membrane System

Utilising the exceptional properties of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), a type of synthetic rubber famed for its robust durability and flexibility, our system is designed to withstand ultraviolet radiation and the harshest of weather conditions. This makes it an optimal choice for outdoor applications, particularly for protecting building facades.

Our EPDM Membrane System offers a fully compatible, high-quality solution for sealing gaps in lightweight facades. Facades, often characterised by various openings and architectural details, can become entry points for air and water. Such infiltrations can cause potential damage, leading to decreased building integrity and energy efficiency.

Our system goes beyond merely preventing such incidents. It emphasises the use of solvent-free adhesives, ensuring no harmful chemicals are released into the environment during application or throughout its lifespan.

You can rely on a Sealprem system to deliver comprehensive protection for your facade, preserving the aesthetic appeal of your building whilst ensuring its longevity.

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