Facade Class A

Introducing ARBOShield Pro

Class A Fire-Resistant Façade System


Get ready to experience a revolutionary breakthrough in fire protection – the ARBOShield Pro Fire-Resistant Façade System, a total solution that will elevate your projects to new heights!

The new ARBOShield Pro system delivers unmatched performance. With Class A reaction to fire and unbeatable W1 water resistance, ARBOShield Pro delivers the highest level of protection against fire and the elements.

Easy Installation: ARBOShield Pro brings you a hassle-free experience with fire-rated membranes and self-adhesive EPAM perimeter seals. Save valuable time and effort as well as reduce on-site waste, while achieving superior results.

Versatile Applications: Whether you’re working on a new build or a refurbishment project, ARBOShield Pro fits like a glove in commercial, industrial, residential, and retail environments. From curtain walling to off-site construction, we’ve got you covered!

Total Integration: Embrace the power of synergy with our comprehensive range of associated products. From tried and tested silicone sealants to modified polymers and adhesives, alongside EPDM membrane systems.

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