Sealprem is Growing!

Over the past year, we’ve been on a mission to make Sealprem even bigger and better than ever. From new equipment to staff development, we’ve been making improvements across the company to make sure we remain the best supplier of fillers and sealants within the UK.

Earlier this year, we installed our brand new state-of-the-art multi-head water jet cutting machine. This enabled us to cut material for angle cut fillers and high density/compression material with closer precision than ever before, so our customers can get the best possible fit for their projects. As well as investing in more space to expand into, we also took delivery of our two new Toyota forklifts this week, the latest in our continued investment into expanding our capabilities.

But we’re not just investing in new equipment. We’re also investing in the most important part of our company – the people.

As well as bringing in and training new staff through apprenticeship schemes, we are also endeavouring to upskill our existing staff and give more opportunities for promotions. Since April, a member of our Production team and a member of our Despatch team have each been promoted within their departments, and we have welcomed a new apprentice into the Production team.

We’re not stopping there – our development plan will continue throughout the year, so watch this space!