Our New Industry-Leading Water Jet Cutting Machine for Profiled Foam Fillers

As part of our continued development and commitment to supplying the best materials on the market, Sealprem recently installed a Water Jet Sweden 95840 NCT 30 pure water high pressure cutting machine. The latest in angle-cutting technology, this machine gives us a faster, more accurate, more efficient way of cutting angle-cut fillers.

Before now, like most other manufacturers, we would use a machine to create wooden templates to suit a customer’s needs, cut up boards into specific tabs or strips, then use one of two separate machines depending on the size of the angle. If the left and right angles had to be cut, we would have to do this in two separate operations. Now, instead of using 3 machines multiple times, we can simply use one machine once – and there’s no need for wooden templates anymore since the water jet machine includes software that can read CAD files in .dxf and .dwg formats. This means customers can send us their designs and we can input them directly into the machine instead of redrawing them in our own software, meaning we can cut completely bespoke designs and angles quickly and accurately.

Most angle-cut fillers in the UK are cut on contour machines, using either wire or laser cutters. This can cause issues for the end user, as laser cutters can burn the foam, damaging its effectiveness, and wire cutters can become dull and leave a messy finish. These problems simply don’t apply to the water jet cutting machine – it’s more stable and it gives a cleaner, more precise finish, as it runs continuously at high pressure. With wire or laser cutters, dust can damage the finish and potentially cause harm to those working on the machine, but with the water jet machine, dust is washed away in the water, which is then filtered and reused.

It’s not just time and water that is being used more efficiently – on contour cutting machines, a lot of the foam material is wasted due to inefficient cutting, but with our new water jet machine, we can nest fillers and parts to make the best use of each sheet of material.

The water jet machine also allows us to introduce new products, such as unusually-shaped fillers, MLL10 tape washers, or rubber membrane circles – so watch this space!