Multi-Use Grab Adhesive – Sealprem Max-Bond

Multi-Use Grab Adhesive – Sealprem Max-Bond

Leading supplier to the roofing and cladding industry introduces industry-redefining Hybrid Polymer Grab Adhesive.

Sealprem, the UK’s leading supplier of core sealing products to the roofing and cladding industry, are introducing their revolutionary new Hybrid Polymer cartridge based adhesive product.

Sealprem’s Max-bond adheres to both porous and non-porous materials with a high bonding strength, and is equally as effective on dry, wet, and submerged materials.

This solvent-free grab adhesive is suitable for both interior and exterior use, as it is resistant to chemicals and to temperature extremes, and can be painted over.

Sealprem’s Business Development Manager Wayne Beighton says “we designed the Max-bond product to be as widely useable as possible without sacrificing quality. We wanted it to be the only grab adhesive our customers need, within varied industries and applications, whilst performing to the highest possible standard.”


Sealprem Max-bond Hybrid Polymer adhesive is available direct from Sealprem.