Leading the Way in Sealing Innovation for Construction

Effective sealing is critical for building integrity, energy efficiency and longevity. 

As a leading innovator in construction sealing for nearly 30 years, we offer an unparalleled range of solutions that provide vital sealing protection for Metal roofing & cladding, Coldstore and the Facade sectors.

Our expertise spans profiled foam fillers, sealants, membranes, tapes and more. Our continual research and development ensures our products evolve to meet emerging industry demands. In our latest article we’ll be taking a deep-dive into how Sealprem is driving innovation and setting industry benchmarks. 

The Need for High-Performance Sealing

Sealing shields buildings from substances and environmental forces that cause deterioration over time. According to the Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association (ATTMA), air leakage accounts for up to 40% of energy loss in buildings. It also allows moisture ingress, which impacts durability.

Vapour management is equally important. The NHBC Foundation found that managing moisture and airflow reduced respiratory illnesses in homes by 50%. Proper sealing also guards against dust, pollutants, pests and noise. 

With growing attention on sustainability, sealing systems must balance energy efficiency, occupant health and eco-friendly design. This is where we excel!

Complete Sealing Solutions

Our expansive product range provides state-of-the-art solutions whatever the sealing application. Our EPDM membranes deliver durable, flexible protection for building facades. Intelligent breather membranes and vapour control layers manage moisture for wall and roof assemblies.

We also offer a suite of sealants, tapes, foams and fillers. High-performance options like fire-rated acrylics, butyl tapes and intumescent foam ensure safety and compliance. All our products integrate easily, providing holistic sealing.

Not only that, we work closely with manufacturers and contractors. This collaboration enables us to continuously enhance our products based on real-world installer feedback. 

Committed to Quality and Service

We ensure all our products satisfy stringent quality benchmarks through in-house testing. Our focus on excellence builds trust – many offerings meet certification standards like NFRC Class A for tapes and UL fire compliance for foams.

As a company, coupling product quality with exemplary service is like second nature to us. We provide guidance on optimal sealing system selection and troubleshoot application challenges. Customisation for unique projects is also offered.

Driving Progress in Sealing Innovation

As demands on building sealing systems get more complex, We are driving solutions forward. Our breadth of products, technical expertise, quality, and service make us an influential industry force. 

For both simple and challenging sealing needs, we have the systems and experience to deliver success. Contact us today to see how our customer-focused approach raises the bar for sealing innovation in construction.