IRC Carocelle Ltd

Project title: Waitrose – Coulsdon.

The background:

IRC Carocelle Ltd were using products that could offer a 25 year guarantee but were paying a premium price.

The challenge:

IRC Carocelle Ltd would like to use mastics that offer a 25 year guarantee, for a competitive price.

The solution:

Wayne Beighton and Steve Childs came into the office to see myself to discuss how Premier Sealant systems could help out IRC Carocelle Ltd, and what they could offer. After a great meeting, with Wayne and Steve showing myself different products that Premier could offer and there applications, IRC opened an account with Premier Sealant systems and have now been doing business with them ever since.

The results:

I have personally asked the contractors on site who work with the products to tell me what they think. I have had nothing but good feedback from everyone. Everyone who has been using the products, are all very happy with performance and also the price. I would recommend Sealprem to any roofing and cladding contractors.

Case study writer: Jack Egan