FAQ | Self-Adhesive Cellular Foams

Q: What can I use self-adhesive cellular foams for?

A: Self-adhesive cellular foams can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Depending on the product, self-adhesive cellular foam can be used for the sealing of expansion and butt joints in underground constructions, profiled sheeting, coldroom panels, rooflights and gutter joints, prefabricated sections, window construction, heating and ventilation, and both interior and exterior buildings, and much more. Explore our product pages to see which cellular foam would be ideal for your task.

Q: Can I get it in a certain size/colour?

A: All of our self-adhesive cellular foams are slit to order, with an array of widths and thicknesses to choose from.

Many of our products, including single-sided PVC foams, single-sided PE foams, double-sided PU DBU60 and double-sided PVC foams DBV40, are available in a choice of colours.

Q: What is the adhesive material used in these products?

A: All of our self-adhesive cellular foams are made with acrylic.

Q: How do I apply self-adhesive cellular foam?

A: Applying our self-adhesive cellular foam is easy, as our foams are designed to apply straight from the roll for a clean, even finish. Most of our cellular foams are compatible with all current building and sealant materials, but for full information, please see our product pages.

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