FAQ | Profiled Foam Fillers

Q. What can I use profiled foam fillers for?

Profile foam fillers are ideal for sealing roofing and cladding profiles against dust, nesting animals, water and water vapour ingress. Our H45FRB fire retardant polyethylene can also be used to protect against fire.

Q. Can I get a certain size/colour?

All our profiled foam fillers are made to measure and are available in a range of thicknesses. Our polyethylene, EPDM, and metallocene polyolefin are all available in black and white shades.

Q. How durable are they?

Most of our profiled foam fillers are estimated to last a minimum of 20 years dependent on conditions. To find out how long each of our profiled foam fillers are estimated to last, see our product pages.

Q. How do I apply profiled foam fillers?

Our profiled foam fillers are easy to apply, as they are all self-adhesive and made to measure. Your profiled foam filler will fit into place easily and adhere fully.