Explaining PIB Strip Sealants

PIB Strip Sealant is a strong, adhesive tape-style sealant, ideal for sealing against water, air and dust. With butyl rubber as a main component. It is shock-absorbent, has high elasticity and is waterproof. It’s also easy to adjust after applying, adheres well to most common substrates, and can be used for a variety of tasks. PIB Strip Sealant is essential for many construction projects.

Multi-purpose strip sealants

Due to its versatile nature, there are an immeasurable number of projects PIB Strip Sealant can be used for. These include sealing door and window frames and membranes; repairing and over-sealing guttering; vapour sealing on cold store panels; and end and side lap seals, to name just a few!

Single and double sided strip sealants

Butyl Strip Sealants are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours to make them more suitable for certain jobs. There are two main types of Butyl Strip Sealant: double-sided adhesive and single-sided adhesive.

Single sided strip sealant

Applying PIB Strip Sealant is extremely simple. After ensuring the area is clean, simply apply one end of the strip onto one side of the desired area and unroll it until you reach the other. Remove the liner and smooth the sealant down as you go.

Double-sided sealant

To apply double-sided PIB Strip Sealant, first apply one side to one of the materials completely, before removing the liner from the second side and applying the second material. While Butyl Strip Sealant can be used effectively for glass, for best results, apply the strip to the other material first to avoid any slippage.

PIB Strip Sealants can be used for a large variety of sealant tasks, so check our product pages to find out which one would work best for your project.

Do you need more advice on PIB Strip Sealants? For more information, please contact us. Or explore the full product range, here.

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