CASE STUDY: Winvic, EUROCLAD, Hathaway and Sealprem Work Together on Mercia Park Project

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Winvic Construction Ltd is a leading main contractor who specialises in industrial spaces and infrastructure schemes. Winvic has constructed over 75 million sq ft of industrial space, and one such project recently undertaken is Mercia Park with the help of suppliers Hathaway Roofing, Euroclad, and Sealprem. This project was a huge undertaking, as it was one of the largest roofing and cladding projects in Europe.

Sealprem are approved to supply Euroclad, and in turn Hathaway Roofing, for the supply of core sealing materials, in part due to our excellent reputation for providing the right materials at the right time, as well as our knowledge and expertise in sealants and fillers.

We worked closely with several key members from each company, including the procurement and site department at Hathaway Roofing.


The Challenge

The project began in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the globe, and had unmitigated effects on every corner of industry that are still being felt to this day. Logistics were hit hard, and international supply was affected even further by Brexit.

Suppliers who rely on materials from overseas struggled – however, Sealprem materials are predominantly UK-based, meaning we could continue to provide materials for all of our customers during this time. Transport inside the UK was also affected – getting the materials from our warehouse to the site on time was a challenge, but one Sealprem had the experience to overcome.

Through clear communication with Hathaway, who were also dealing with the impact of this unprecedented situation, we were able to overcome the issues affecting us all and get materials to the site within site schedules, ensuring the timeframe was met.

These global events exacerbated other problems facing the industry at this time, such as material and labour shortages, particularly in the logistics sector, and rising material costs. It was clear that undertaking such a large project at this time would require each company involved to work closely together and communicate clearly throughout the project.


The Solution

Sealprem, Winvic and Hathaway collaborated well to ensure this project moved forward smoothly. The biggest challenge was getting materials to site on time, however we were able to call on our relationships within the logistics industry to ensure we were able to fulfil all site requirements.

On rare and unavoidable occasions when material shortages hit the hardest, we were unable to fulfil full orders. During these times, we prioritised based on the needs of the site and supplied just enough material to ensure the site could at least continue on schedule.

Where other suppliers would have struggled, Sealprem were able to meet these supply challenges through continuous communication and site visits to fully appreciate what was required and when. This resulted in the project being completed in just over 2 years during the most demanding and challenging period in construction history.



“Working closely with Winvic, Hathaway have delivered a project all involved can be proud of.

“Through the difficult times of Covid with the support of their key suppliers Sealprem, Euroclad, and SFS, Hathaway produced an exceptional end build.”

Paul Geddes
Site Manager, Hathaway Roofing Ltd

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